Embracing the Season of Transformation

It’s been one year since Transformation GEMS officially opened the Women’s Entrepreneur Empowerment Center. It’s been the best of times and some tough times all at the same time. However, if I had to do it all again I would with a few minor tweaks. Which brings me to the lessons I’ve learned throughout the Process.

  1. Always start off small - Test the pilot before going big

  2. Know your worth, your value and who you are…know who to take advice from. Make sure it’s someone who is qualified and proven to take you to the next level

  3. When your team appears to grow don’t take it personal when it’s time for some to leave/depart. Everyone will not always be with you, whether it’s due to growth and promotion or because they had a hidden agenda. Remember Jesus was betrayed by one of His teammates (It’s not personal, it’s purpose!)

  4. Don’t get comfortable when everything appears to look great. Keep grinding and persevering

  5. Always remain teachable and stay connected to a mentor who can pull you up

  6. Pray & Meditate Daily, See the Finish line, Become the Vision

Today, my grandson Leon and I had an opportunity to spend some time at a millionaire mentors home. It was a treasure and a gift to sit and listen to so much rich history and story telling. I felt empowered, humbled and prepared to continuously improve and become my highest and best self.

I celebrate you as you become your highest and best self!

Dr. Carmen Thomas

The Real You Waiting to Come Out by Duane Portee

My friend Duane wrote this on Facebook this week and I loved the message in the writing so much that I had to share it with you all!

Somewhere deep inside there's the real you waiting to come out.

The real you has been stifled by a relationship, marriage, job, religion, title, your community, or the world.

The real you is true because it is never compromised or conforming.

The real you takes risks, is unyielding in it's resolve and lives life to the fullest.

The real you loves unconditionally without prejudice

The real you doesn't care what others think about its socio-economic condition, the house it lives in, the car it drives or the clothes it wears

The real you is fun to be with and is never alone.

The real you knows what it wants and is content, happy and at peace

The real you is found at that moment just before you drift off to sleep because it's the time when your thoughts are the most free.

The real you is worth finding.

The Real you is worth finding, So Be U! Carmen Thomas

Transformation Gems Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

These GEMS are visiting the new Transformation GEMS Empowerment Center!

These GEMS are visiting the new Transformation GEMS Empowerment Center!

On Thursday, September 27, 2018 the Lansing Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Grand Opening of Transformation Gems.


5 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs Who Want to Build Successful Companies

You have the soul of an entrepreneur and the creativity of an artist.

Here are some tips for building a successful company:

Surround yourself with people you admire. The personality of your team will be evident in the company you build. Add negative people to your team and the lifeblood of your company will become tainted with their caustic personalities.

When you encounter tough days, remind yourself why you started your company. Focus on your long-term goal and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by the day-to-day challenges of entrepreneurship. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have tough days; it’s how you handle your challenges that makes you a stronger leader.

Building a business isn’t about being comfortable. You need to force yourself to take on tasks that challenge you. Each time you successfully complete a task you didn’t think you could do, your confidence in your abilities will grow.

Entrepreneurs who focus on developing a revenue generation plan for their business from the start have a much greater success rate than those who don’t. Too many entrepreneurs have bought into the ‘build something people love’ idea without a clear plan for revenue. A real business generates revenue; anything else is just a hobby.

Don’t let your hustle overtake your health. Many entrepreneurs believe they have to outwork others in order to succeed and do so at the cost of their physical and mental health. Hustling for success is great, but remember to take care of your health too. If you don’t have physical and mental health, the success of your company means nothing.

Building a business is hard work. You will need motivation along the way to keep going. Remember these tips when you find yourself questioning your entrepreneurial path. The rewards are definitely worth the struggle.

The article was sited from the MAFE Blog for Women Entrepreneurs

Our Story: The Gems Who Pitched & Won

Step up your grooming game!(1).png

The women below pitched their story and won November 2018.  They each had to complete four classes and have a plan for their deliverables and outcomes for each business. On March 24, 2018, the women had all completed the classes and they were ready to execute.

The funding for the program, training workshops, judges and facility for the event is all paid for by donations and sponsors. There is an application process for each candidate to complete to be considered for Transformation GEMS program.

By making a regular donation to sponsor and partner with us, we can change the life of women, families and our community for future generations to come. This initiative brings income to the community, job creations enhance positive growth and development within the community, which strategically engages a positive impact for the city of Lansing, MI.


Ashley James.

1st Place | $1,000

Destinee Porter.

2nd Place | $500


Vicky Parker.

3rd Place | $250

What If?

What keeps you up at night? What drives you to to do the things you do? 

We all have amazing gifts and talents lying dormant inside of us.  Those are the things that keep you awake at night…WHAT IF…You discovered the very thing that keeps you awake at night and put it to work…WHAT IF…You put it to work and it solved multiple problems in the lives of several million people…WHAT IF…That discovery created world peace…WHAT IF…The discovery you had provided an opportunity for mothers to feed their children…WHAT IF…Today you make a decision to go after your dreams and put a date with it and create goals to accomplish for you and countless others who are waiting for you!

WHAT IF…I dare you to start today with just writing down everything you want to accomplish without any limitations holding you back!

Carmen Thomas, Transformation GEMS