Embracing the Season of Transformation

It’s been one year since Transformation GEMS officially opened the Women’s Entrepreneur Empowerment Center. It’s been the best of times and some tough times all at the same time. However, if I had to do it all again I would with a few minor tweaks. Which brings me to the lessons I’ve learned throughout the Process.

  1. Always start off small - Test the pilot before going big

  2. Know your worth, your value and who you are…know who to take advice from. Make sure it’s someone who is qualified and proven to take you to the next level

  3. When your team appears to grow don’t take it personal when it’s time for some to leave/depart. Everyone will not always be with you, whether it’s due to growth and promotion or because they had a hidden agenda. Remember Jesus was betrayed by one of His teammates (It’s not personal, it’s purpose!)

  4. Don’t get comfortable when everything appears to look great. Keep grinding and persevering

  5. Always remain teachable and stay connected to a mentor who can pull you up

  6. Pray & Meditate Daily, See the Finish line, Become the Vision

Today, my grandson Leon and I had an opportunity to spend some time at a millionaire mentors home. It was a treasure and a gift to sit and listen to so much rich history and story telling. I felt empowered, humbled and prepared to continuously improve and become my highest and best self.

I celebrate you as you become your highest and best self!

Dr. Carmen Thomas