Our Story: The Gems Who Pitched & Won

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The women below pitched their story and won November 2018.  They each had to complete four classes and have a plan for their deliverables and outcomes for each business. On March 24, 2018, the women had all completed the classes and they were ready to execute.

The funding for the program, training workshops, judges and facility for the event is all paid for by donations and sponsors. There is an application process for each candidate to complete to be considered for Transformation GEMS program.

By making a regular donation to sponsor and partner with us, we can change the life of women, families and our community for future generations to come. This initiative brings income to the community, job creations enhance positive growth and development within the community, which strategically engages a positive impact for the city of Lansing, MI.


Ashley James.

1st Place | $1,000

Destinee Porter.

2nd Place | $500


Vicky Parker.

3rd Place | $250