Destinee Porter

destinee porter

This organization has been nothing less than an affirmation of the power of sisterhood. I’ve always searched for other women who had the same heart as me, and I found that within Transformation GEMS. This experience has subliminally taught me that being selfish with my gift is beneficial to no one, and that there is enough room to share success with all my sisters. With the help of this association I felt uplifted and supported by all of the talented women who went through the program with me. I constantly stress how odd it felt to be the youngest, but that is because I’ve taken notice that being the youngest with a gift that has not been fully developed equates to people silencing your voice assuming that you are too young to have acquired any wisdom, however that was not my experience here. My voice went from faint and shaky to loud and clear thanks to the confidence this group has implanted in me.

And you Mrs. Carmen, were an inspiration to us all. I thank God for giving you the passion and anointing he has for what you do. Although your goal was to help us achieve greatness and expand our visions for our businesses, you also gave many of us the mentality to see how being an entrepreneur related to our natural growth as women. You made yourself accessible for all inquiries pertaining to business and you eloquently related them back to life. I greatly appreciate the investment that you and all the sponsors of Transformation GEMS have placed in me. I will take heed to all that you have said and I will continue to strive through my business to be the innovator God has called me to be.

Thank you again for all of your wisdom, instruction, and support

Vicky Parker

vicky parker

I'm Vicky one of the winners of Transformation GEMS mentorship program. Just for a moment I'll like to give you a little insight on how rewarding and helpful this organization is.

We all know as women in business it's hard to find women who's actually Real, Patience, Persistent, Nurturing, Supportive, and Endeavor to see us win. NOT, Transformation GEMS mentorship program it's phenomenal !!!! The program is short, very educational, and motivational. I have enjoyed every second listening, and learning from Carmen Thomas be it one on one, conference calls, webinars, emails, etc....

We learned about Finances, Structure, Networking, Fundraising, Planning Events, just to name a few. And, We received CASH to help support our business.

Carmen, I thank you for the prayers, your time, and all you're doing to help women in business. I pray God bless you a hundred fold in the name of Jesus!!

We are Women with PURPOSE!! and Nothing formed against us shall prosper!!

Ashley James

Ashley James

My name is Ashley “A’Jai” Necole, I am a participant in the GEMS program founded by Carmen Thomas. This last few months under this program and the coaching has been a life changing experience for me! After my first coaching session with Carmen I realized there is invaluable time and energy saved with having a business coach to guide you and help you structure and get clear on your vision.

I wouldn’t do it any other way now that Carmen has made me aware of the power I have with her wisdom, incredible intelligence and compassion for the success of women entrepreneurs and her understanding of the challenges we face daily that keep us from pursuing our dreams. As a single mother having many challenges at the time she has helped me create a system for my life and business.

I would recommend ANY and EVERY woman that has an idea for a business or a book to participate in the GEMS program it will literally enhance your life and give you the tools and resources you need to make you vision a reality.

I am a former college player and college assistant basketball coach, currently coach for Everett High school ⅞ grade boys & girls basketball. I have experience and have studied education & child development.

I am using that education and connection with my players and students to be the FIRST and only program in the area combining mentoring and basketball.

As a former basketball coach and youth mentor my first phase of my business as an after school program. As the winner of the GEMS pitch contest I have broken my program down into 3 phases, the first being a lunch and after school program that take place at local schools which is currently being planned at Everett, Sexton & Waverly high schools (open to any schools interested).

The second phase will be the purchase of a building to run mentoring and basketball skills training that will later evolve into a basketball and mentoring academy, possibly even a school. I know this is the solution to the gun violence and destruction of our troubled youth and families and I have seen the transformation with my own eyes. I have also seen what happens in cities where there is no place to connect with mentors or opportunities and I plan to change that with #Thework Youth Empowerment Center - 2019!

Without this program and the coaching of Carmen I KNOW I wouldn’t have developed such a clear system for myself. Most importantly I would not BELIEVE in myself enough to pursue it with this type of faith. I know the value and impact this type of program and business has been and will be for our youth and next generation of athletes and young people in general.

I have established amazing resources and connections through the GEMS program, just in the few weeks of business coaching I was able to finally complete and soon to be publish my mentoring workbook for my youth and parents who participate in the program! I had been working on it for two years and within a few weeks I finished and published it just strictly off of resources! I am officially an AUTHOR! (Search #Theworkbook -Theworkbook on Amazon.com)

I said all that to say this! If you want to be successful as a woman entrepreneur you must have a woman like Carmen and program like GEMS to back you! That is a guaranteed way to create your own roadmap to success with a coach that can guide you all the way to the finish line!