Executive Summary

Transformation GEMS (GEMS is Gifted Entrepreneurs with Millionaire Status) is a 501c3 Public Charity focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment for women who are passionate about starting a business, sustaining a business, and empowering communities.

The purpose of Transformation GEMS is to focus on helping women take an idea or concept and bring the business to life or for a woman who has started a business within the last 3 years without a foundation in place (No formal organization established, the business is still in the infancy stage). The business has to be a social enterprise (a business that builds and empowers communities) strategically making a positive impact in the life of the founder and providing job opportunities.  The women contestants will have five minutes to pitch their business. The organization will assist the winners with educational courses, mentoring and coaching sessions needed to educate and transform a community supported by businesses inside the community eliminating poverty in the 21st Century. In addition, it will be an empowerment center that helps build community transformation.

Transformation GEMS plans to become one of the leading producers and supporters for women entrepreneurs who are self-sufficient, sustainable and who give back to developing faith-based organizations, community organizations and leave legacies.  This approach contributes towards the empowerment and engagement of people living in the urban communities and the underserved driving hope of transformation in a city that can benefit from the resources within. This will bring back new life and revitalization into the community.  This fosters opportunity for women with a dream or concept to promote an existing idea or develop a new idea and bring that business to life. This means each idea is just an idea and now it will begin to take shape as each woman receives the opportunity to pitch their dream to the judges with hopes of winning the contest to receive startup funding, empowerment sessions and mentoring to birth that idea from a dream to manifestation. To achieve this, Transformation GEMS is investing in women in the community to launch their business and give back towards the community transformation.

Community transformation sees beyond the individual and is able to use community leaders in a manner that enhances the long-term development of the community.  This ministry is greatly needed in a world that does not understand the separation of spiritual needs from hunger or economic oppression.  (Conn & Ortiz, 2001, p. 357)

Today, Transformation GEMS aims to identify, empower, mentor and accelerate the growth of innovative women pursuing their purpose and passion in entrepreneurial business startups.

We achieve this through the creation of strategic global partnerships within the community.  Transformation GEMS is currently for women ages 18 and up, with a future goal to evolve into an organization that develops the next generation of entrepreneurs in other communities, and including ages 12 – 17.

We exist for anyone with an interest in giving back to the community and developing their dreams and passions of becoming an entrepreneur with a global team to guide you throughout out every step of the process and providing women with a platform for growth. Therefore, we operate with an attitude and commitment to live courageously and to encourage and empower the women to always remember the bottom-line is not just for us, but for others who are watching and waiting for us to slay, stay and make ways for the future women with dreams of pursuing their passionate ideas.


Our aim is to develop a partnership with businesses, churches, community resources, colleges; local and state governments to champion our cause in developing entrepreneurs in the community who gives back to the community. The funding for the program, training workshops, judges and facility for the event will all be donated. There is an application process for each candidate to complete to be considered for Transformation GEMS program.


By making a regular donation to sponsor and partner with us, we can change the life of women, families and our community for future generations to come. This initiative brings income to the community, job creations enhance positive growth and development within the community, which strategically engages a positive impact for the communities.


“We need to keep our eye on the goal of transformation, looking past the immediate act of service to larger potential outcomes as we orchestrate experiential discipleship programs, outcomes that contribute to a measurable metamorphosis toward a broad shalom, where everyone can own a piece of the pond.”  (White, 2006, p. 131)


The organization will benefit the transformation and the social justice inside the community it serves by providing income within the city, jobs which eliminates crime and poverty. The community begins to identify and optimize the gifts in the city for a place that is safe for children to play outside. “The fascinating aspect of this delegation of gifts and the uniqueness of the people is that the Lord has provided the church in the city with all it needs for kingdom ministry. It is for the church to gather God’s people and equip them for service. The people will provide resources back into their own communities.” (Conn & Ortiz, 2001, p. 463)