You Could Be The Next Gem To Pitch & Win!

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What womAn would make an excellent candidate for this opportunity?

1. A young woman, who just graduated from high school (Age 18 and above) and have an idea to start a business and build community.
2. A woman who is planning to retire and would like to follow her passion by starting a business to make an impact in her community.
3. A woman who cannot find a job due to a troubled past, but has a business idea to bring change to the community.
4. A woman who wants to get off the government assistance program and need help with starting a business that will help other women like herself.
5. A woman who would like to build a legacy that impacts her family and community.

How It Works

Women will have 5 minutes to pitch their business in a contest. The winners will receive start-up funds after they complete the required courses that will provide them with a successful road-map for launching and sustaining their business. They will complete business classes and meet with assigned business mentors.   Women will have an opportunity to win start-up funds and resources for starting their business and learn to tell their story with boldness, compassion, and confidence.