Professional Bio

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As the owner and founder of Transformation Empowerment Solutions, known as, Dr. Carmen has been resiliently studying and perfecting her craft while completing her Doctorates Degree with Bakke Graduate University and she completed her Doctorate’s Degree in Transformational Leadership with an emphasis in Culture Transformation and developing Women Entrepreneurs.  Carmen is an alumni of Spring Arbor College, Masters Degree In Family Studies, Specialized in Studying the Self-Esteem of Women, Bachelors Degree in Management & Organizational Development, Ministry Training and Self-Esteem Expert. In addition, Carmen is an International Certified Holistic Life Coach.

Carmen is an inspirational, motivator, author, encourager, teacher, and sought after speaker who travels the world to speak at seminars, workshops, conferences, and community events. 

Carmen is a Transformation Strategist, with a Green Belt Certification in Lean Process Improvement; she has taught & facilitated foreclosure prevention, credit repair, home buying classes, marriage & family classes and self-esteem, Mission/Vision/Values, Stakeholder Engagement Analysis, Lessons Learned, Purpose/Position/Power workshops.  Carmen has a proven system to show you how she went from a million dollars in debt without filing bankruptcy. Carmen’s has over 20 years of experience working with executive leaders, government leaders, professional athletes and managing multi-million dollar real estate projects.

Carmen is the Founder and Executive Director of Transformation GEMS, a 501c3 Women’s Entrepreneur Empowerment Startup Accelerator, in the Lansing, MI area, Carmen has helped several women start & sustain businesses within the last 10 years.

Carmen’s mission is to strategically educate, motivate and empower every individual she meets to do the impossible while identifying their solutions.

Personal Bio

I am married to my wonderful husband Miller for over 25 years, we are a blended family with five adult children, and fifteen grandchildren.  We love spending time with our family, married couples and going on vacations.

I have over 30 years of experience in owning and operating entrepreneur businesses including a real estate company that coached foreclosure prevention, first-time home ownership programs, and credit repair.  My experience of drowning in almost a million dollars’ worth of real estate debt in 2007, and coming out after five years without filing bankruptcy has afforded me the opportunity to believe I can accomplish anything I focus on and so can you!

I am an author, coach, consultant, mother, friend, grandma, aunt, sister and wife.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management & Organizational Development, Masters in Family Studies, (my concentration was on Empowering Women and focusing on the Self-Esteem of a woman to be whole, balanced and give themselves permission to become their best and highest self).

I’m completing a Doctorate Degree in Transformational Leadership w/emphasis in Culture and Developing Women Entrepreneurs. I am a Certified Green Belt in Lean Process and Improvement, what does that mean?  I love to solve the problems of understanding “Why” and to define what the root cause is so that we can identify the solutions!!! I am solution focused!