Application for Transformation GEMS Startup Funds

Please complete the following application. There is a $25 application fee to be submitted at the end of the application. Please follow the directions provided in your confirmation notification - the application is not considered "complete" until the fee has been submitted.

Any additional questions can be emailed to
Subject Line: GEMS Pitch Application

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When Did Business Start?
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Accompanying documents to support the request may be included. PowerPoint Presentation or explanation describing how you plan to present business. *
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I grant permission to Transformation GEMS and its representatives the right to take photographs and/or video of me and my proposal. I authorize Transformation GEMS the right to use and publish the photographs and/or proposal in print or electronic media - to include Facebook, Twitter, Website, Books, Pinterest, Instagram, Video, Vine, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumbler, SnapChat, and Newspaper *
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