We support women through empowerment training, mentoring & resources.


Transformation GEMS (GEMS is Gifted Entrepreneurs with Millionaire Status) is a 501c3 Public Charity. Our Mission is focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment for women who are passionate about starting a business, sustaining a business, empowering communities, and creating legacies while eliminating poverty.

Come and check out our empowerment shared office space. The space is located in a visible high traffic location and it’s a great location for opening up your new office location or to test your new product in a beautiful, bright vibrant atmosphere.



Check Out What’s Happening with Dr. Carmen Thomas

We would like to make a special appeal to women and minority leaders in our region to join the Leadership Lansing movement. Diversity in leadership isn’t inevitable, so companies need to be intentional. If we are to be a welcoming region that celebrates and embraces diversity and inclusion, it is imperative that we build a diverse leadership network that reflects and actively supports a genuine commitment to those principles.

We enjoyed an excellent roster of speakers and panel discussions on topics like diversity and inclusion, the importance of our non-profit sector, local and state government officials and lobbying. Additionally, we had the opportunity to work on our individual leadership skills, including a strength-finders assessment and exposure to professional development and business coaching.

Perhaps the most important component of Leadership Lansing is the ability to connect with other leaders from all different sectors of our community. We developed valuable relationships through a myriad of networking opportunities that we will carry forward for the rest of our careers. Networking with other leaders made us more aware of the vast opportunities that exist to help us and our businesses become more successful.

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Even more exciting, the 155 individuals who graduated from Leadership Lansing in the past four years have formed an alumni group called the Leadership Lansing Community. The mission of the group is to leverage the collective leadership clout of all the alumni to do great things in the region, particularly in promoting brand ambassadors and supporting the work being done by non-profits in the region.

If what we have described gets you excited, please consider submitting an application for yourself or an emerging leader in your organization for this year’s Leadership Lansing cohort. Applications may be obtained through the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce at lansingchamber.org/LeadershipLansing. We would love to have you as part of the growing Leadership Lansing Community!

Dr. Carmen Thomas is founder/executive director of Transformation GEMS. Robyn Howell is vice president of human resources for LAFCU.

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What do we do:

  • We empower women with information, resources, shared office space, pop up space, training space and access to funds

  • We provide online training, support and mentoring and coaching

  • We empower you to identify your voice

  • We empower you with a roadmap and tools to finish and become the best You

  • We listen to what your needs are and inspire you to pursue your purpose and passion

The purpose of Transformation GEMS is to focus on helping women take an idea or concept and bring the business to life or for

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Transformation GEMS plans to become one of the leading producers and supporters for women entrepreneurs who are self-sufficient, sustainable and who give back to developing faith-based organizations, community organizations and leave legacies.  This approach contributes towards the empowerment and engagement of people living in the urban communities and the underserved driving hope of transformation in a city that can benefit from the resources within.

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Sisters pulling up other Sisters to do Business

Sisters pulling up other Sisters to do Business

This organization has been nothing less than an affirmation of the power of sisterhood.
— Destinee Porter, Empress Training

Women Sharing To Win Startup Funds

You could be the next Gem to "Pitch & Win!"

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The Transformation GEMS, “Gifted Entrepreneurs with Millionaire Status” vision will be investing in the women in the Greater Lansing area (Ages 18 and up) by yielding resources to help develop, educate and empower those who want to make a difference in their personal life and community. The program is a non-profit organization 100 % funded by donations and will celebrate and empower women with gifts, talents, and abilities who want to unleash their unlimited potential without a ceiling and provide them with tools for living their dreams and pursuing their passion while building community.