This membership is exclusively for someone who will be leading a team in a different location. 

Why become a GEMS Empowerment Boutique Leader? 

  • You become a credible source within your community and people know you are serious about developing women entrepreneurs

  • You will increase you business brand and exposure for you and the women you are connected with?

  • You will have an opportunity to promote your business in the GEMS App, conferences, workshops, podcast and the upcoming magazine.

  • You will be recognized as the champion for women in your community.

  • You will have an opportunity to earn additional income as a leader

  • There is so much more you will gain from being a leader in your community. 



$40.00 Monthly or $400 for 12-month Access

Steps to launch your GEMS Empowerment Boutique:

  • Sign contract and pay $40.00 monthly as a leader for the site or you can pay a one time fee of $400.00 a year.

  • Access a monthly one-on-one training with the Transformation GEMS Founder.

  • Provide information about the demographics in your community and what you want to accomplish, who is your target audience and what makes you a great leader for the location. 

  • Do you have a group of women currently following you? How many? Do you have a permanent location for women to meet with you? 

  • Each woman who joins your organization is required to sign up for the GEMS business membership site. If they so choose they can sign up for the GEMS VIP Membership site.

  • You will receive training and leadership materials to grow your business.

    You will be set up with a separate membership site for you to grow and plan events within your location for your women.