Bernadette Johnson, Leadership Consultant and Collaboration Strategist, for over three decades, Bernadette has been a partner to organizations who want to increase their return on leadership (ROL). She is dedicated to enabling leaders to transform their organizations into environments that nurture the human spirit while achieving breakthrough results by transforming the way leaders lead and how they learn as well as aligning their practices with their desired outcomes.

Serving across numerous industries, (profit, not-for-profit and for purpose) with a depth of knowledge and experience from a multi-disciplined background of organizational learning development, with a focus on leadership development, human performance improvement, cultural shifts, team cohesion, coaching and transition management. Bernadette has served frontline, back office, from staff member to manager to vice president to entrepreneur. This background allows her to become a valued partner in strategizing the desired outcome, the current state and customized strategies in how to bridge the gaps in between.

The use of methodologies from positive psychology, intentional dialogues, quality and group process enable her to move quickly from theory to practice while building deeper dialogue and richer communities of practice. Bernadette is nationally/internationally recognized for transforming and leveraging the way leaders lead and how they learn as she successfully partners with leaders to anchor transition, stimulate innovation and to be a catalyst for sustainable results. Bernadette is the founder and owner of Core Consulting.